Workout Routines That Decrease Anxiety

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased as more people are getting vaccinated, Americans are rushing to the gym to work on their post-Covid bodies.

While physical exercise routines are ideal for sculpting and toning the body, many people do not realize that a workout can also effectively reduce anxiety and stress.

If your goal is to reach your weight goals and work through some of the PTSD caused by the pandemic, consider performing the following workout routines that decrease anxiety!

Exercises To Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Aerobic exercises can decrease anxiety and stress while increasing oxygen in your body by improving blood flow and circulation.

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Effective aerobic exercises include:

·    Jogging at a steady pace for a minimum of thirty minutes

·    Swimming laps in a pool, lake, or ocean

·    Briskly walking around a track or field

Try to choose an aerobic exercise that you can do for at least thirty minutes and five times per week.

Exercises To Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Since the pandemic has left many Americans with stress and anxiety, performing simple stretches can help your body relax the tension of these unprecedented times.

Effective stretching exercises include:

·    Stretching arms overhead

·    Performing a full range of motion for the neck and back

·    Repetitive flexing of limbs, fingers, and toes

Try to stretch for ten minutes every morning and night, and be sure to keep all stretches slow and steady.

Lifting Exercises To Decrease Stress & Anxiety

Weight lifting exercises at a fitness center can aid in reducing anxiety by increasing your body’s serotonin levels. This neurotransmitter is responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness.

Try to choose lifts that will strengthen your core muscles, as studies have shown that these muscles play a critical role in stabilizing moods and controlling anxiety and stress.